St. Joseph News-Press: Missouri should seek ways to improve family courts

October 5, 2019 by Linda Reutzel, National Parents Organization of Missouri

Kentucky’s monumental passage of a shared parenting bill last year has been deemed “the most popular vote in the state.”

According to a recent article in the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Administrative Office of the Courts reported an 11 percent reduction in domestic court cases and a reduction of 445 domestic violence cases under the law. Missouri, the Show-Me State, has clearly been shown.

More and more Missouri elected officials are turning their attention to the critical and frequently intertwined issues of social justice and criminal justice, and this provides every opportunity for legislation that lawmakers will file again in the 2020 session to be a top priority. The policy change starts with a premise that there are two fit parents and provides a judge with discretion to determine otherwise and a built-in mechanism for a rebuttable presumption.

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