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Team Fathers & Families Runner/Walker Susan Takach, right, with her stepdaughter and two grandchildren

Fathers and Families’ advocates are participating in the September 5 “Cheetah Run” 5K Run/Walk at the Cincinnati Zoo and raising funds to support the programs of Fathers and Families. Join Fathers and Families supporters from all over the country with your gift to fund our vital family court reform work. To sponsor runner/walker Susan Takach and the team, click here.

Below, learn more about Susan and why she’s joined Team Fathers and Families in running to raise money for our organization:

Name: Susan Takach

Occupation: Accountant

Stepchildren: Bobbie Lynn (28) and Shane (27)

Why she believes in family court reform: I have been a step-parent for over 23 years. By spending time with my step-children through the years, I have seen first-hand the wants & needs of children whose parents are divorced or separated. I believe children deserve the opportunity to love and to spend time with both of their parents equally through shared parenting.

Why she supports Fathers and Families: In January 2009, my nephew was murdered by his ex-girlfriend. He had been a victim of domestic abuse for years. Knowing how the courts discriminate against men, I participated and assisted in organizing rallies to create public awareness of the prejudice against men in the court system and hopefully to influence the court in the conviction and sentencing of the ex-girlfriend.

I first heard of Fathers and Families on a local radio station in Cincinnati. Dr. Ned Holstein, the organization’s founder, was discussing several different issues such as domestic abuse against men and gender bias in custodial or visitation orders. Because of my nephew, I decided to find out more about the organization. Fathers and Families promotes gender equality in the court systems and many other human rights issues. I am proud to be a supporter of such a wonderful organization.

Favorite quote about family court reform: “Domestic abuse is a violent crime against humanity, not gender.”–Unknown

To sponsor Susan and the team, click here.

Support Susan by Giving via PayPal.

If you prefer to contribute by check, please make your check out to “Fathers and Families’, put “Susan Takach’ in the for/description line, and mail your check to:

Fathers & Families
20 Park Plaza, Suite 628
Boston, MA 02116

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