September 19th, 2014

New Jersey Reforms Alimony Law — A Bit

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September 19, 2014

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New Jersey Reforms Alimony Law — A Bit

Kate and Richard Bayer

Robert Franklin, Esq.

By Robert Franklin, Esq., Member, National Board of Directors

It’s only a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. Last Wednesday, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill to reform New Jersey’s very out of date alimony laws. Of course divorce lawyers resisted with every fiber of their beings, but the bill received strong bi-partisan support in the state legislature. Here’s one article on the subject (Washington Times, 9/11/14).

The new law has a short reach. It confines the duration of an alimony order to the length of the marriage as long as it’s under 20 years. Marriages longer than 20 years that end in divorce can still result in permanent alimony for the lower-earning spouse. The law also permits greater leeway in modifying alimony orders, for example, if the paying spouse is unemployed longer than 90 days. Except in unusual circumstances, payers will not be required to pay past the usual age of retirement, i.e. 65 or 66. Alimony will now be considered “transitional,” meaning that recipients will be expected to seek and obtain gainful employment.

In short, the bill is a half measure that, in our usual democratic process, satisfies neither reform advocates nor divorce lawyers seeking to maintain their own cash flow and their comrades in arms, radical feminists seeking to maintain the maximum cash flow from men to women. It’s nowhere near what it should be, but it’s better than nothing.

Where we should be regarding alimony is that it should be nearly non-existent. As I’ve said before, we live in a society that, right or wrong, considers all adults to be capable of working and earning a living. And there are essentially no impediments to anyone’s doing so. Given that, no one should get a free ride. No one, solely by dint of a temporary marriage that can be dissolved for any or no reason, should be able to goldbrick even for a short time. Yes, there should be a period during which one spouse is able to retrain for employment if that’s necessary, but that shouldn’t be longer than a couple of years. And some form of alimony is appropriate if one former spouse is too old and/or infirm to work and earn. But beyond that, the concept of equality between the sexes demands an end to outdated notions like alimony.
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