Rocky & His Wife

Los Angeles, CA–One of the things I like the most about the movie Rocky Balboa (2006) is the way Rocky feels about his late wife Adrian. He speaks of her reverently and visits her grave often, always bringing fresh flowers.

Adrian loved Rocky for who he was, instead of resenting who he wasn’t. She cherished the things he did, as opposed to carping about the things he didn’t do.

In return, Rocky was loyal and kept his affection and love for her, even after he became famous and could have traded her for a “better” woman, as some men do. There’s a kind of working man’s dignity to Rocky’s affection for her that is very touching.

In the previous clip from the movie that I blogged about (see Some Great Fatherly Advice from Rocky Balboa) Rocky reminds his son “don’t forget to visit your mother.” The next day they both meet by chance at Adrian’s grave.

In the clip below, Rocky is thinking about Adrian on their anniversary, revisiting the ice skating rink where they had met many years before. He’s with Paulie, Adrian’s brother.

To watch, click here or see below.

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