Radio Host Gives Impassioned Indictment of Family Court System, Praises F & F (Audio Available)

Radio host Curtis Wright

“[My children and I] shared a life together that the prejudiced court did not want us to share.”–Radio host Curtis Wright

North Carolina radio host Curtis Wright, a longtime friend and supporter of Fathers and Families, hosted F & F Board Member Robert Franklin, Esq. on The Curtis Wright Show on April 20. Wright began the show with a devastating critique of the family court system, declaring “I am a single father…I [am] a survivor of the legal system.”

Wright (pictured) said: 

The decision to be a single father and to raise my children after my divorce was a decision made by three of us–my two children and myself. We took on that fight together and we were able to win that fight against a prejudiced legal system.


It’s a sad situation that takes  place every day in America…I was lucky to survive and escape. My children were lucky to survive and escape, and their lives…were forever changed.

We shared a life together that the prejudiced court did not want us to share together, and we will share the rest of our lives and memories together…we were survivors…[In family court] for nothing they have done, fathers are the villain, the three headed monster…

[The courts] are not looking out for the best interests of a child. The best interests of a child are to have both parents actively involved in their lives forever…

It breaks my heart, and I have worked with people like [Fathers and Families Executive Director] Glenn Sacks and others to expose and bring awareness to these sad stories…[it’s about] the rights of children to have access to their fathers and have lives with their fathers…Fathers and Families [is] a wonderful organization…

 To listen to the show, click here.

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