Protest Esquire Magazine’s Father’s Day Hit Job on Dads!


Esquire is one of America’s oldest and most prominent men’s magazines. One would think that in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, we would see some articles about the importance of fathers, the joy of being a father, and the crisis of fatherhood in the United States.

Instead, as evidenced by a search of (see first photo below), the only recent “Father’s Day” article (besides ones about what ties to buy dad) is a repulsive new piece called The Bad Dads Hall of Fame (see photo above).

In it, author Sean Cunningham writes “This is beyond dead-beat status. These ten terrible fathers have murdered, neglected, and abused their offspring. Needless to say, they won’t be getting anything for Father’s Day this year.”

Under the “Related Articles,” all are either gifts or from 2007 or earlier, with the exception of one–this year’s Mother’s Day article. Was it called “The Bad Moms Hall of Fame”? No, fortunately it was “The Ten Best Mothers of All Time.” (See first photo below)

Call Esquire Magazine at 212-649-4020, then press 4, then press 4270# for Editor in Chief David Granger.

Also, write them by clicking on and going to “The Editors” in the drop down menu. Tell them you want to see some real Father’s Day articles ASAP.


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