Professor Nathan Alexander, Loving Father (1968-2009)

Sadly, Professor Nathan Alexander, a longtime Fathers & Families supporter who endorsed many of our protest campaigns, has died of leukemia at age 41. Rachel Alexander, his sister, has written an obituary for Nathan at According to Rachel:

Nathan was a larger-than-life one-of-a-kind; the epitome of what a fun, charismatic, witty older brother should be.

He was always happy, alternating between intellectual pontifications and mischievous joking. He understood my sense of humor better than anyone, and the emails flew back and forth between us sometimes 10 times a day.

He frequently took humorous breaking news articles and inserted our friends’ names into them, sending them out in official looking emails to mutual friends. Nathan and I remained close over the years…

Read the full obituary here. We offer condolences to his family and 10-year-old daughter Elisa.

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