Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Tells F & F He Believes Family Courts Need Reform

Presidential candidate/businessman Herman Cain and F & F member Barbara Gibson discuss family court reform at NH GOP event.

Fathers and Families’ Election 2012 Campaign activists Shawn Gliklich, MD and Barbara Gibson sat at a VIP table at the NH GOP Chairman’s Speaker Series with presidential candidate/businessman Herman Cain in Dover, NH on Thursday, June 21. When they laid out the problems with family court to Cain (above left), he told them “You’re preaching to the choir,” and asked them for solutions a president could implement.

F & F member Barbara Gibson (above right), an emergency room nurse and divorced mother of two, told Cain, “My kids are doing great because I went against the courts and the attorneys and decided to share parenting with my ex-husband.” Gibson said:

“When I got divorced six years ago my attorney told me I was crazy–she said I should keep sole custody and sole control, and that if I didn’t it would cost me money. But my kids love their father…[sharing parenting] was the ‘best decision of my life.'”

Cain told Gibson “I sympathize and I understand,” and said he’d like to have further discussions with F & F, which we’re following up on.

Fathers and Families is resolutely non-partisan and works successfully with legislators on both sides of the aisle. We will be intervening at both Republican and Democratic campaign events. However, there are many more Republican events than Democratic events because the Democrats have an incumbent running.

Cain is the 6th presidential (or likely presidential) candidate who has come out in favor of family court reform via Fathers and Families’ Election 2012 Campaign. These include:

  • Gary Johnson, a former two-term governor of New Mexico. (Johnson met with F & F Board Chair Ned Holstein, MD, MS in Manchester, NH last week–to learn more about that meeting, click here.)
  • Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, a 2008 and potential 2012 presidential candidate
  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
  • Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

Join Fathers and Families’ Election 2012 Campaign!

Fathers and Families’ Election 2012 Campaign is a nonpartisan grassroots campaign with the goal of injecting family court reform into the 2012 election campaign.

Between now and New Hampshire’s February 14, 2012 primary, our activists will be going to candidates’ campaign stops, rallies, and townhall meetings, as well as calling in when candidates are interviewed on radio talk shows. We will be politely and persistently asking candidates questions about family court reform, with the goal of garnering media attention for our issues and getting candidates to go on the record with their views.

Our central issue is simple–family courts harm children by routinely separating them from one of the two people they love most.

If you would like to participate, please fill out our volunteer form here and type “Fathers and Families’ Election 2012 Campaign” at the beginning of the “How I Can Help” section.

Presidential candidate/businessman Herman Cain and F & F member Greg Sabine at NH GOP event.

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