Phyllis Schlafly: ‘Restore the Nuclear Family’

September 26, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

I’m not the greatest fan of Phyllis Schlafly, but, if this review is any indication, her new book Who Killed the American Family? makes some valid points about the sad state in which our culture finds itself (WND, 9/24/14).  Her main point is the destruction of the American family by a combination of laws, policies and the zeitgeist that all aim at exactly that.

It’s a subject I’ve written about many times for the good and sufficient reason that I believe the erosion of families to be the single greatest problem we face.  As I’ve said before and as I attempted to encapsulate in the speech I gave to the first International Conference on Men’s Issues, the tentacles of family breakdown extend into every imaginable aspect of life and seek to strangle it.  Look at almost any problem we have, from poverty to the decline of male college enrollment to our expanding prison population to drug and alcohol abuse to increased mental health issues including suicide and a host of others, and you’ll find the fingerprints of fatherlessness and the breakup of families.

And, as I’ve said before, there is nothing inevitable about this disastrous trend; rather it’s a matter of conscious public policy informed by radical notions with little-to-no scientific support.  Put simply, the natural tendency of governments to expand their powers at the expense of the governed combines with the most ill-conceived of feminist claims about the evils of men and families to produce public policies that have done exactly as Schlafly and many others have said.  Those radical feminist notions, well-known to be utterly at odds with social science, simultaneously appeal to government to fix “wrongs” that aren’t wrong and protect from largely non-existent dangers.  Government of course is happy to oblige.  It’s wrong morally and vastly destructive of American society and culture.  It is also public policy.

Fix the family and we go a long, long way toward fixing an astonishing array of social ills that damage individuals and drain the public purse.  Fixing the family means teaching everyone, including children from the earliest possible age, the value of the family to the well-being of its members and society generally.  That is, we should relentlessly educate ourselves about the value of biological parents to children, the value of intact families to both men and women and the American polity.  And of course we must reform family law so that, when there is a divorce, children don’t lose a parent and parents don’t lose their children.  Our current system looks from the outside to be the work of an evil genius bent on doing the maximum damage to children, fathers and mothers alike.  “He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind.”

To her credit, Schlafly seems to get much of this.


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I’ve been a fan of Phyllis Schlafly for many years, and this is a big reason why… she is [i]spot on[/i] in terms of family preservation. Her thoughts about how radical feminism has harmed the very people they claimed to favor – and especially families – is legendary.

To the point of fatherlessness, it is likely the greatest societal ill we face (behind only liberalism), as it’s a trend that has led to disastrous results. Less perplexing is that there are a number of feasible, even practical ways to deal with the problem. We must start with reform… no, an overhaul of the so-called family courts.

Yea, Phyllis Schlafly gets it.

Almost all the destruction of families in the US during the past fifty years has been a choice of women. Either directly in their initiation of divorce or indirectly with their paternity fraud, inflation of prices, etc… Women have agency and choices. They are not held accountable for those choices. But they still make the choices. Stop blaming the choices women make and the consequences of them for everyone else including their husbands and children on government, laws, culture, economics, hormones, stress, circumstances, men or anything else. Blame the women and their choices. There have always been bad governments and bad laws. They aren’t excuses. By excusing women for their choices by blaming government and laws, then you deny them agency, responsibility and accountability. If women want rights then they must be held accountable for their choices. If they want rights without responsibility, then Repeal the Nineteenth Amendment.

Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and governments (including family courts) acquiesce by persecuting innocent men in exchange for money, votes & power. Women represent a large and growing majority of the population and electorate. Women have voted themselves too many rights without responsibilities. These developments prevent reform of family law. Only elimination will help. More than 2,500 years ago, Plato wrote: “Responsible people don’t need laws to be responsible and irresponsible people will always find ways to violate laws.” The value of law to governance is limited. Too many laws already exist. Changing those laws or making new ones is not a solution to our dilemma. Only eliminating laws (including all the ones concerning families). The most important law that needs to be repealed is the Nineteenth Amendment. Once that law is eliminated, then VAWA, Title IV-D & all the other misandrous ones will be much easier to eliminate.

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