Philadelphia Daily News Reporter Dana DiFilippo-When Women Harm Men, It’s Funny

As I’ve noted on many occasions, female violence against men is not treated seriously, and is often considered funny. Philadelphia Daily News reporter Dana DiFilippo’s article A GENITAL REMINDER (5/18/06) from last year is a good example. DiFilippo wrote:

“With their wedding anniversary less than two weeks away, Howard Randolph was thinking romance. He hoped to take his wife, Monica, out for an intimate dinner and maybe an oldies-but-goodies show to celebrate 11 years of matrimony.

“But yesterday, his mind was more on divorce and jail for his wife after she almost became Philadelphia’s own Lorena Bobbitt.

“Monica Randolph didn’t need a kitchen knife. She took matters into her own hands.

“The Nicetown man said he had been sleeping peacefully in the couple’s bed Tuesday night when his wife pounced on him without warning, grabbed his groin, dug her manicured fingernails in and flayed him, leaving his gore-slicked gonads dangling much lower than normal.

“‘She didn’t use no weapon – this was just sheer brute strength and fingernails. She grabbed me by my [scrotum] and ripped it apart with her bare hands,’ Randolph said yesterday from his hospital bed at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he was in stable condition with stitched and bandaged genitals…

“A neighbor who heard the commotion also called police, who took Monica Randolph into custody and charged her with aggravated assault and related offenses.

“Talk about a strict violation of the penal code…

“Monica Randolph told arresting officers that she had attacked her husband because he was cheating on her. But her husband denied having any affairs. He remains mystified as to his wife’s motive and demanded that she receive a stiff punishment…

“News of the genital mangling aroused a mixture of horrified gasps and guilty giggles in the Randolphs’ neighborhood, where few knew the couple who had moved into the brick rowhouse on Pulaski Avenue near Bouvier Street in April.

“Meanwhile, neighbors were left to speculate on explanations for the attack.

“‘She got to be crazy,’ said Dionne Martin, 18, who basked in the spring sunshine on friend Rochelle Odd’s porch steps.

“Odd, 21, agreed: ‘That woman was crazy, but I’m on her side. I don’t think no guy deserves to have his balls ripped off. But she’s got to be deep in love – that’s what would make a woman do this. If they was together all those years and he cheated on her, she wanted him to feel what she was feeling. There’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t cheat on your woman.'”

No mention of the phrase “domestic violence.” And Rochelle Odd’s comment? Talk about a vindictive woman. Does this mean a man has the right to beat his girlfriend up if she cheats on him? I guess so.

And while our opponents fall all over themselves to deny that there is such a thing as Parental Alienation Syndrome, is there any doubt that vindictive women like this would attempt to alienate their children from their children’s fathers?

[Note: If you or someone you love is being abused, the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women provides crisis intervention and support services to victims of domestic violence and their families.]

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