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Parental Inequality: A State-by State Analysis

December 30, 2014

Join Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Founder and Chair, in a lively discussion with Family Matters host Virginia Colin, PhD as they discuss shared parenting and the first comprehensive review of child custody statutes. 3 PM, Pacific, on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In cases of separation and divorce, is shared parenting, defined as joint legal custody and shared physical custody, best for children? State courts often deprive children of the opportunity to spend ample amounts of time with each parent. The National Parents Organization has issued the nation’s first comprehensive review of child custody statutes as they relate to shared parenting in separation and divorce cases. It found that family courts award sole custody, usually to the mother, in over 80% of child custody cases. “

In 2014, three separate, highly regarded reviews of decades of child development research have concluded that shared parenting is best for children,” says Dr. Holstein, Chair of the National Parents Organization. Which states are embracing this knowledge? Which states are continuing to rely on precedents set in the 1950s? What consequences do these rulings have for America’s children?

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