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Our strategy 

Lobby, Educate, Build

Society supports shared parenting in theory, but the practice is suffering from a lack of proactive support by our courts, legislatures, and systems. Our objective is to change the “default” position of laws, court orders, and social attitudes in general to see shared parenting as the best possible outcome for raising all children – whether or not the parents are together.

Lobbying and Advocacy

  • Reform state and federal laws and court processes to encourage shared parenting.
  • Drive this social change by working with legislatures, thought leaders, the media, the courts, other advocacy groups, parents, and children’s extended families.


  • Raise awareness through national, local, and social media around key challenges infamily law, helping people understand why reforms are needed, and what is truly in the best interests of the child.
  • Support, compile, and promote published research around parenting and shared parenting, with the goal of replacing stereotypes and myths with facts.

Build Affiliates

  • Develop strong volunteer leadership and powerful affiliates, and grow our national membership across the United States.
  • Provide our affiliates the resources to educate key legislators and local media.

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