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October 30, 2016. Forbes, “Want to Close the Pay Gap? Call on Dad!” Quotes Ned Holstein (National Parents Organization)

Just as it seemed the economy was finally emerging from the grip of the great recession and salaries were rising across the board, along comes the Global Gender Gap Report from the Word Economic Forum showing that the pay gap between men and women has actually widened in the last year and, if current trends continue, it will take 170 years to reach wage parity. But one key to closing that gap is not necessarily in the office.

Begun in 2006, the WEF report studies 144 countries world wide on differences in education, economics, health, and political empowerment. Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden showed the smallest gap.” Despite its network of legal support and advocacy, the US came in at number 45 in wage parity – that’s down from number 28 in 2015. Rwanda fared better. Yemen was last.

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