October 24th, 2014

New Network Connects Parents with Attorneys Who Advocate for Shared Parenting

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October 24, 2014

NPO Logo National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child’s right to the love and care of both parents
after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
New Network Connects Parents with Attorneys Who Advocate for Shared Parenting

By Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director, National Parents Organization

Attorney Listings

National Parents Organization is pleased to announce the creation of the National Parents Organization Law Firm Network, a national coalition of law firms that serves as a go-to resource for parents searching for legal counsel committed to shared parenting.

I strongly encourage attorneys to join National Parents Organization’s Law Firm Network. It is a unique opportunity for family law attorneys to collectively express their belief in the benefits of shared parenting and parental equality, while also connecting directly with members and parents to affect change in the lives of children. Contact me to sign up your law firm to to refer your family law attorney.

The network was created in response to a reoccurring need of National Parents Organization’s members. On a weekly basis, National Parents Organization receives requests from parents for attorney referrals. With this in mind, National Parents Organization created a law firm network of family law attorneys who believe in shared parenting. In turn, parents nationwide can now quickly access attorneys they can trust and those same attorneys are able to demonstrate publicly their support for parental equality.

“As a longtime proponent of shared parenting, I am excited to be involved in the launch of National Parents Organization Law Firm Network,” said Colorado attorney Brett Martin, of the Martin Law Firm and member of the Law Firm Network. “Many of the parents I represent often enter my doors after a frustrating and long search for an attorney who is committed to shared parenting and parental equality. This type of resource is going to make their lives easier by putting parents in touch with advocates who believe in the many benefits equal custody have on our children.”

In addition to serving as a direct resource to our members, the Law Firm Network will complement the makeup of our existing cause which is dedicated to improving the lives of children through shared parenting and establishing equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.

Nebraska attorney Chris A. Johnson, of Conway, Pauley & Johnson, P.C. is also a member of the Law Firm Network. He said, "Potential clients need to know where they can go for like-minded representation, where lawyers who believe in and are committed to shared parenting practice Family Law because they want to, not because they have to as part of some daily grind. Read more…

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A Personal Message From Founder of NPO Ned Holstein

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Dear friends,

Please join me in a rare opportunity for personal growth and social reform: the Family Law Reform Conference hosted by Divorce Corp, November 15-16, 2014 in Alexandria, Virginia!

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This will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to learn about family court trends, meet leaders in the reform movement. Read more…

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Establish an Affiliation in Your State

National Parents Organization is working to build a strong affiliate in every state. What will it take to bring National Parents Organization to your state? Leadership. It takes a team of volunteers to organize in your state and to reach out to legislators, media, and other groups who will work with us to make shared parenting the norm.

If you are ready, please contact Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director. Together we can build an affiliate in your state.


New Mexico: Child Abuse and Neglect Figures Show Over-reporting Harms Kids at Risk

October 23, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

What’s the right way to look at the numbers in this article on child abuse and neglect in New Mexico (Albuquerque Journal, 10/20/14)? It’s plain that writer Thomas Cole wants us to view them as alarming, but are they? Let’s see. Read more…

Halle Berry Wants to Reduce Her Child Support Payments

October 22, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Halle Berry, welcome to the world of fathers. This article tells us that the actress has become unhappy with the behavior of her ex and father of her daughter (TMZ, 10/16/14). It seems model Gabriel Aubry is content to spend his days unemployed and live off the $16,000 per month Berry pays him in child support for daughter Nahla, now 6. Read more…

Milwaukee Tries to Help Keep Low-Income Fathers in the Lives of their Children

October 20, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

In Milwaukee, they’re taking on one of the most intractable problems Americans face anywhere in the country – keeping low/no-income fathers in the lives of their children. Here’s an excellent article on the subject (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/11/14). Read more…

Australia: Labor MP Proposes Custodial Parents Account for Child Support Expenditures

October 19, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

A Labor member of the Australian Parliament has asked the government to look into the possibility of limiting child support expenditures by custodial parents to items for children. Many non-custodial parents express the concern that they’re funding the custodial parent’s lifestyle that may include illicit drugs, large quantities of alcohol, lavish vacations and the like. Read more…

Strong Families for a Strong Colorado And a Strong America

October 18, 2014 by Gilbert T. Tso, Co-Chair, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Colorado

Across our beautiful State of Colorado, indeed across America, the idea of family has evolved in very dramatic ways since the founding of our State and our nation more than two-hundred years ago. Today we have married families, divorced and blended families, single-parent families, and adoptive families throughout Colorado and America. Read more…

North Dakota Bar Association Illegally Spends $70,000 to Oppose Shared Parenting Initiative

October 17, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

In one of my blog posts on Measure 6, the North Dakota initiative that would establish a presumption of equal parenting in the state, I pointed out that any monetary support given to the opposition (or proponents) by the State Bar Association of North Dakota (SBAND) would violate the holding of the United States Supreme Court in Keller vs. State Bar of California. Keller holds that a mandatory state bar association’s activities are limited to those directly related to the regulation of the legal profession in the state. Read more…

North Dakota Shared Parenting Measure 6 Leads in Pre-Election Poll

October 16, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

With just three weeks to go before Election Day, North Dakota shared parenting initiative leads in the polls with 44% of respondents in favor of Measure 6 and just 30% opposed. The remaining 26% are as yet undecided. Here’s the rundown on the poll (Bismarck Tribune, 10/15/14). Read more…

New Jersey Lawyer Liable for $1 Million for Assisting International Child Abduction

October 15, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Sigh, law practice can be so difficult. This case demonstrates that attorneys can’t even facilitate international child abduction without being sued for doing so (New Jersey Law Journal, 10/13/14). I tell you, it’s a cryin’ shame. Read more…




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Volunteer Testimonial

“Every child deserves a nurturing, loving environment and protection from hostile parenting and alienation. I have seen first-hand the effects of the emotional turmoil created by unfit parents. As a grand-parent, It is especially heart-breaking to see your child victimized by both an angry parent and then again by a misinformed family court system. I became involved with the National Parents Organization, because the focus is advocacy for the children.”

Paula Cuesy
Paula Cuesy, Member,
California Executive Committee

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