Nim’s Island: A Positive Father-Daughter Movie

Los Angeles, CA–Jeana, a reader, recently wrote me about the new movie Nim’s Island. She says:

“I wanted to tell you to take your daughter to see Nim’s Island. It’s about a widower scientist who lives on a deserted island with his 10 or 11 year old daughter and who becomes separated from her and tries (and succeeds) in finding his way back to her.

“It shows a great father image, a wonderful relationship between a father and daughter, and a strong, resourceful girl (who is that way because of the unconventional life her dad and her live).

“It’s a great movie, and I think it would get 2 thumbs up from Father’s Rights Activists.”

Have any readers seen it?

To learn more about the movie, see the trailer here, the Wikipedia write-up here, or the theatrical trailer here or below.


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