New Column: ‘Fathers get a bad rap in the media and the courts’

Like millions of other fathers, Shawn Gliklich, MD, a Methuen, Massachusetts emergency-room physician, was allowed limited time with his children after his divorce. He says:

“My kids had one of the two people they love most in the world pushed to the margins of their lives. I have the lives of other people”s children in my hands on a daily basis–why is it I”m not allowed to equally care for my own?”

In Fathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks’ new column Fathers get a bad rap in the media and the courts (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 6/19/11), he writes:

Arnold Schwarzenegger. John Edwards. Eliot Spitzer. John Ensign. Mark Sanford. To hear the media tell it, we live in the era of the Bad Dad. Stories about famous, successful men who submit to temptation and harm their family lives in the process certainly make great headlines and internet fodder, as do the divorces which often follow. But lost in the obsession over this handful of episodes is the fact that research shows most fathers are heavily invested in their kids” lives, and that their presence is vital.

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