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National Parents Organization’s Michelle Glogovac authors op-ed in California’s Ukiah Daily Journal and The Reporter

March 1, 2015

On February 6, 2015, the op-ed “California family courts should increase advocacy for shared parenting” by Michelle Glogovac, Chair of National Parents Organization of California, was published in the Ukiah Daily Journal in Ukiah, California, as well as The Reporter in Vacaville, California.

“People are often surprised to learn an alarming fact: Our family courts rarely award true shared parenting over sole custody when parents divorce or separate, despite a growing amount of research that shows children desperately need both parents in their daily lives. Shared parenting is equal time for the child with both parents, not two weekends per month with the father, while the mother has custody all other days of the month,” Glogovac wrote. “I urge decision makers to pass legislation this session that supports shared parenting over sole custody in instances of divorce or separation.”

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