More Child Support Enforcement Screw-ups-This Time with a Twist

Orange County, FL–Typical child support enforcement screw up, messing up an innocent parent’s life and then continuing the harassment. The only difference is that this time the victim is a woman. From Woman Forced To Pay Child Support For Adult Son (, 6/1/08):

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An Orange County Bus Driver is at risk of losing her drivers license, and job, if she doesn”t pay child support for her 18-year-old, married son.

After Kaila Stephens” son got married last year, a judge ruled she could stop paying child support. She did, but the state is still trying to collect. Now, it”s threatening to take away her driver”s license, and in turn, her job.

Kaila”s son, David, is now a married man turning 19 this year. Records show a judge ruled in March she has “no money owed’ in child support, but the Florida Department of Revenue didn”t get that message.

Every month she gets another letter in the mail threatening if she doesn”t pay, the state will suspend her license and seize her next paycheck….

Read the full article and watch the video here. Another question–even if she were really behind on her child support, how would taking her driver’s license and costing her her job help?

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