MN Candidate Forum; Let the Candidates Know Your Stance on Equal Parenting

August 2nd, 2012 by Robert Franklin, Esq.
I’ve said before that the movement for equal parental rights needs to include an electoral dimension.  Until elected officials and those running for office know that they must be right on our issues or face the consequences on election day, we give them no impetus to vote the right way on our bills.  The result is that we lose far too frequently on issues about which science, decency and common sense support us.  With all that in mind, I reprint in full the latest email I received from Molly Olson of the Center for Parental Responsibility who, for 13 years has been tirelessly pushing for equal parenting legislation before the Minnesota Legislature.  Please read the below and, if you’e able, attend the candidate forum she refers to and let them know how you stand on equal parental rights.


Thursday August 2, 2012

TONIGHT – JPC/ESP Supporter (Pugh) and JPC/ESP Opponent (Smith) Slug it out

Attend Please!

7pm – Wayzata City Hall, Wayzata, MN

We like to hold opponents accountable. Your help is needed.

PLEASE BE THERE tonight to hold Rep Steve Smith accountable for standing in the way of shared parenting for so many years! This is another HUGE opportunity to let your lawmakers know that you are watching them and that you will NOT back down on the issue of joint physical custody and equal shared parenting!

When you voice your question or opinion – ALWAYS DO SO RESPECTFULLY, calm, and without anger. No personal attacks, but speak the truth and don’t be afraid to ask direct questions. BE polite and professional or it can ruin the reputation of the movement.

The League of Women Voters is putting on a Senate Dist. 33 Candidates’ Forum TONIGHT Aug. 2 @ 7:00 pm Wayzata City Hall. Doepke/Pugh/Smith


WayzataCity Hall:               
600 Rice Street East
Wayzata, MN  55391


Watch this WEIRD interview with Rep Steve Smith-

Rep Steve Smith is NOT a friend of Shared Parenting (JPC/ESP).

Rep Steve Smith has always and will always been against JPC/ESP and vehemently opposed to all we do.

Cindy Pugh is supportive of JPC/ESP.

A Victory for her is a victory for shared parenting!

For questions email

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