Miami Herald Columnist Ana Menendez on ‘Elian II’: ‘The girl belongs with her father’

Miami Herald columnist Ana Menendez discusses the “Elian Gonzalez II” campaign in her column Cuban girl’s case is part of the larger story (Miami Herald, 9/23/07). Menendez, whose parents are Cuban immigrants, writes:

“I believe the girl belongs with her father, Rafael. I believe children should be raised by their parents.”

This week I partnered with Dr. Ned Holstein and Fathers & Families in a campaign to protest this injustice. Thousands of you have answered our call to action, the campaign has been covered by the Associated Press, syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group, Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service, and over a dozen Florida newspapers. Florida DCF, to their credit, has agreed to meet with us. To learn more or to join our campaign, click here.

Read Menendez’s full column here.

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