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January 26, 2015

If you have not yet contacted your legislator, do it now. Ask him/her to co-sponsor SD 1061, a total re-write of the Massachusetts custody law. If you need help, call Steve Hitner at: 508-335-0069 and he will guide you thru the process. The deadline is this Friday!

Just click on the following link or paste it in your browser to find out who your legislators are:

Click on the tab that says “Find a Legislator”:

Go to the box that says ”Search by Location” (It is to the right of the page)

Put in your town or city and your zip code. 

Where it says “Branch”, leave “ Either Branch”

Then Click on the button just below That says “Search by Location”

Then click on the name of your legislators to get their phone number and email address.

After calling them:

Cut and paste the “four points” near the end of this message, inserting your name, and e-mail it to them.

Print it out and mail it to them.

Have your friends, relatives and neighbors do this for you as one of their constituents.

E-mail me or Steve when you get a yes, or a no or a maybe.

Ned Holstein

Steve Hitner



  1. Do not blame the courts, the lawyers, your ex-spouse, the judge, or anyone else for your situation. The existing law is bad law, and you are requesting that your legislator fix it.
  2. It is ok to refer to parts of the law that affect you negatively. Tell them how the new law would rectify that situation.
  3. Below are “four points.” Memorize them and educate your legislators:

They are very busy at this time and you must make it easy for them. You must educate them using the “four points” below.

Begin by telling them you are a constituent and want them to cosponsor:

SD1061 because it will do the following.

  1. It states that the policy of the Commonwealth is to promote shared parental responsibility, and the definition of this phrase in the bill includes at least one-third of the parenting time for each parent, and this is best for kids. 
  2. It gives the judge new ways to sanction a parent who obstructs court-ordered parenting time.
  3. In making the custody decision, a positive factor for the court to take into account is that a parent supports the relationship between the children and the other parent.
  4. It makes the current ability and desire of a parent to provide parenting time of equal importance as the history of who was the primary caretaker in the past (who currently is favored).

The Governors Working Group, including representatives of all the legal bars, spent two years researching and compromising on the Bill. If it is ok with them, it should be ok with the legislature.

If we let up on this, we will lose. We are not going to lose, ‘cause we are not letting up!

We can do this!

Ned Holstein

Steve Hitner

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