Massachusetts Legislative Alert: Your Action Requested to Support Shared Parenting

Dear Massachusetts Fathers and Families members,

We need your action nowthe deadline to get more co-sponsors for our Shared Parenting bill is this Friday (February 4)!

The response to last week’s Massachusetts Action Alert has been encouraging, but we need more. We need you to forward this link to¬†five friends or family members and ask them to contact their
state Representative and Senator and ask them to be a co-sponsor of our shared parenting bill. Explain to them that this is a bill that will help Massachusetts children by protecting the loving bonds they share with both parents after divorce or separation. Ask your mother or father, your brother or sister, friends, co-workers, aunts and uncles–anyone you can.

We want you to:

Ask them to call their state Representative and Senator and ask them to be “a co-sponsor of our shared parenting bill.”

They do not need to be an expert on this subject–they just need to tell their legislator that they are a voter in their district and then make the ask. They will probably be connected to an aide — that is not an insult, it is standard, and it is OK.

Here is some information that your state Representative and Senator will want to know:

* Name of the bill: An Act Supporting Children and Strengthening Families

* Docket Number: HD03194

* Lead Sponsor: Representative John Scibak (D-South Hadley) (pronounced “Sigh-back”)

If your friends and family members do not know who their state Representative and Senator are, they can find out by going here and typing in their address. Once this website shows the names of their Representative and Senator, they can just click on their names and they will get their phone numbers.

If they or their Representative and Senator want to know more about the bill, they can find:

* A one-paragraph summary of the bill plus the text of the bill here.

* A one-page summary of the bill here.

Please let us know what feedback we receive from legislators or staffers by emailing me at This is highest priority and deadline-limited — please act now!

No matter what the legislator or staffer does or says, please ask your friend or family members to remain polite and respectful.

Together with you in the love of our children,
Ned Holstein, MD, MS
Founder and Chair of the Board

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