Marsha Kleinman Redux: Unauthorized Practice of Psychology Hearing Set

July 2, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

“Fortunately, she’ll never do it again.”

Those are words I wrote about Marsha Kleinman back in August of 2012, here. I may have spoken too soon.

For years, Kleinman was one of the worst of the anti-father zealots who are unfortunately all too common in family courts. She was a psychologist practicing in New Jersey who had a particular obsession with sexual abuse. Put simply, if she ever saw a child custody case in which a father hadn’t sexually abused the child, I’ve never heard of it. Eventually, enough complaints about her outrageous, unethical and malicious behavior came to the state Board of Psychological Examiners that they revoked her license entirely. That was a blessing for all fathers in the state and for its family courts.

Read my previous piece on Kleinman and, if you have the time, click on the link to the judge’s opinion in her revocation hearing. What you’ll find is a woman who would literally stop at nothing to accuse a father of sexually abusing his child. In one of the cases brought by the Board, Kleinman had browbeaten a three-year-old girl for two years in her attempt to get the child to implicate her father. That the child steadfastly refused to do so in the face of Kleinman’s relentless attacks on her is astonishing.

Kleinman is one of those true believers for whom every man is a potential rapist, child abuser, miscellaneous brute, you name it. And so she would seize on any bit of evidence that supported her assumption to conclude what she wanted. Failing evidence, she’d find sexual abuse anyway. Indeed, one of the complaints against her that got her license revoked was by a woman who was divorcing her husband. Despite no one ever suggesting that her husband had abused their daughter in any way, Kleinman simply ignored the reason the woman was in her office and doggedly pursued her own fantasy that the daughter had been sexually abused. Among other things that included urging the woman to commit perjury. The woman refused, complaining about Kleinman’s tactics instead.

All of that and who knows how much more, resulted in the Board’s revocation of Kleinman’s license to practice psychology in New Jersey, prompting me to write the words quoted above.

Now there’s this:


DATE: JUNE 10, 2014

This is to inform you that the Psychological Examiners Board will hold an open public hearing on a complaint: I/M/O Marsha Kleinman, Psy.D.- Alleged Unlicensed Practice on July 8, 2014 at 153 Halsey Street, 6 floor, Newark NJ 07012, Conference room #1 at 10:00 am.

cc: Maryann Sheehan, Deputy Director
Carmen Rodriguez, Deputy Attorney General
Charles Manning, Regulatory Analysts
Psychology Board Members
The Bergen Record
The Atlantic City Press
The Star Ledger
The Trenton Times
The Courier Post

So it looks like someone is pretty certain that Marsha Kleinman, having ignored every other ethical precept of the practice of psychology, ignored the fact that her license had been revoked as well. Unless the Board of Psychological Examiners is just flat wrong, Kleinman’s gone right along plying her sleazy trade without a license.

In her original license revocation, I figured the two cases the Board brought against her were just the tip of the iceberg. Professional licensing boards usually want to see a pattern of bad behavior before they revoke a member’s license entirely. When those boards proceed to that extreme step, they’ve usually first tried lesser sanctions, like letters of reprimand, suspension, etc. Not in Kleinman’s case; there they went straight to revocation, strongly indicating they had much more evidence of wrongdoing up their sleeve than just the two cases they actually litigated against her.

And my guess is the same holds true here. My guess is that Kleinman went right on practicing her twisted version of psychology as if nothing had happened. And my further guess is that the Board heard about it and accumulated lots of evidence against her before issuing the notice reproduced above. I wouldn’t be surprised if that included sending fake “patients” to her wearing wires. After all, they notified several media outlets; I doubt they’d to that if they weren’t pretty sure they’ll hear plenty of damning testimony against Kleinman.

Practicing psychology without a license in the State of New Jersey is a crime, but unfortunately one that’s not too seriously punished. A first offense is only punished by a maximum $1,000 fine and six months in jail. Subsequent offenses receive only a maximum $2,000 fine and a year in jail.

Kleinman apparently cares so little for the law or civilized behavior that she may view those punishments as simply a cost to be borne. After all, when you’re Marsha Kleinman, you’re likely convinced that getting fathers out of the lives of children is God’s work, many are the Old Testament saints who suffered doing it, so why not you?

Anyone in New Jersey who’s been victimized by Kleinman’s unshakeable faith that you’re a pedophile, I urge you to attend the hearing on July 8th and make your voice heard. It’s beginning to look like this woman belongs in jail.


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