Linda Nielsen: ‘Mothers tend to stay angrier longer and refuse to forgive more than fathers after divorce’

Los Angeles, CA–Dr. Linda Nielsen, the president of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children, often writes about fathers and daughters. Her latest book, Between Fathers and Daughters: Enriching or Rebuilding Your Adult Relationship has an excellent chapter on the devastating effects that divorce often has upon the father-daughter relationship.

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Of divorce, Nielsen writes:

 • Mothers tend to stay angrier longer and refuse to forgive more than fathers after divorce.

• Many programs for divorced parents are aimed at convincing moms to allow dads to be involved in their children”s lives.

• Many divorced mothers admit that they have denied visitation, made it extremely difficult for the father to see the children, and don”t want to share the parenting

• Many young adults say that when it came to criticizing, badmouthing and demeaning the other parent, their mothers were worse than their fathers after the divorce.

• Roughly one third of mothers move the kids 400-500 miles away from their fathers within the first two years of divorce, drastically reducing the time that fathers and children spend together.

• When the mother remarries, she tends to be more willing to share the kids with their father.

The research citations for the above statements are in the book. To order it or to learn more, click here.

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