Lifetime Campaign Side 2

“[T]oxic programming”–Fatimah Ali of the Philadelphia Daily News editorial board, 5/26/09

“[I]gnores the numbers…most so-called deadbeat dads actually are dead broke.’–Washington Times editorial, 5/18/09

“Unfair to men.”–Syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon

“A show that does no one any good.’–Author Joel Schwartzberg, Newark Star-Ledger

“Neither accurate nor fair.”–Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, Washington Post Writers Group

“Disturbing…they are heaping abuse on men in the name of ‘justice'”–TV Host/Psychologist Helen Smith

“[Lead] kids to form negative opinions of divorced fathers–opinions which could damage their relationships with their own dads.”–Dr. Linda Nielsen, Professor of Women’s Studies & Education, Wake Forest University

“Perpetuates the stereotype that men are irresponsible when it comes to child rearing.”–Adam Voiland, U.S. News & World Report

“Promotes stereotypes against fathers.”–S. California radio host Maria Sanchez

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