Kentucky Chapter Moves Forward on Shared Parenting and Child Support

December 16, 2016
By: Matt Hale, Kentucky Chairman, National Parents Organization

To all our Kentucky friends of shared parenting,
National Parents Organization has been very busy nationally improving family laws. We’ve seen success in Missouri, Nevada and elsewhere this year alone. These new laws do not help just the families in those states alone. They create an environment where other states feel pressure to modernize family law also.

Here in Kentucky we’ve been working away too. We’re preparing to introduce a bill that creates a presumption of shared parenting for temporary custody orders. In other words, the starting point after separation or divorce is both parents having equal parenting time.

We are also preparing to fight a proposed law that increases child support while punishing only child support payers, not child support receivers, for breaking parenting schedules. We need fairer, not less fair, family court laws.

It’s easy for you to help us introduce good new bills and fight poor ones. The reason is that lawmakers listen to people in their areas more than outsiders.

All you need to do is email me. We will find your legislator’s email address and send you a letter that you can simply forward. It’s that easy. AND, you can make a big difference helping to make our family court laws fairer.

Also, take a look at NPO’s accomplishments. You must admit that this is an impressive list. So please support National Parents Organization so as to make our efforts in Kentucky more powerful because they are funded.

You can make a gift online by going here
or you may send a check payable to National Parents Organization and mail it to:

National Parents Organization

716 Beacon Street #590548

Newton Centre, MA 02459

Hoping all our families have great holidays,

Matt Hale
Chairman, National Parents Organization

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