January 13th, 2015

How You Can Lower Your Child Support With a Click

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January 13, 2015

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How You Can Lower Your Child Support With a Click
By Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Founder and Chairman of the Board, National Parents Organization

Ned Holstein

Ned Holstein

This is the most important newsletter I have sent you in at least a year.

This newsletter contains quick and easy steps you can take to improve the child support formula in every state of the country! All you have to do is cut-and-paste! If you do not act by Friday, it is too late. If you do not act by Friday, never complain about your child support order again!


There is a federal Office of Child Support Enforcement in Washington. It makes rules and regulations about child support that each state must follow. Now, for the first time in decades, they are overhauling their rules and regulations for the states’ child support formulae. They have invited the public to comment on their proposed changes to the rules and regulations. They are required to take our comments into consideration when writing their final rules. Our comments are due by the end of the day on Friday.

What You Need to Do

Cut the language below, go to the federal link we give you, and paste it into the “Comment” box. (Exact instructions below.) Then forward this newsletter to everybody you know on the entire earth, and ask them to do the same thing!

That’s it. One minute. If you get a $100 per month reduction in child support for the next twelve years, your rate of pay for that minute will be $864,000 per hour after taxes, or over $1 million per hour before taxes!

What Are We Demanding? (Basically, a fair deal that also supports our kids!!)

The language is somewhat technical, but here is what it boils down to:

  1. The child support calculation would be based on the earnings of both parents, not just you, and you would bear only your fair share of the cost of raising your child.
  2. Child support would be based on the marginal cost of raising a child (technical, but makes a huge difference in the dollars).
  3. Child support would be adjusted based on how much parenting time you do.
  4. Unless you are voluntarily underemployed, child support would be based on your actual earnings, not “imputed income” (such as what you used to earn, or what you “ought” to earn)
  5. Pressure on a voluntarily idle parent to work (in the form of imputed income to them)

  6. Limitations on child support add-ons, like summer camp, or violin lessons. (Nice for the kids, but should be voluntary.)
  7. Child-support to terminate in most cases at age 19, or high school graduation, whichever is earlier
  8. At high incomes, a fixed dollar cap on child support orders
  9. Stronger protections of subsistence income for very poor payors
  10. Public hearings around the country on the proposed changes to the child support guidelines — your chance to tell them exactly what you think
  11. Quick modifications if income changes, protections against paternity fraud, quick implementation of the new rules, and more!!
  12. Read more…

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National Leadership Opportunity: Seeking Volunteer Treasurer for National Parents Organization

National Parents Organization is a seeking a volunteer Treasurer. This is a highly influential role within the national organization. As Treasurer, your voice will be heard as the Board of Directors discusses strategy, tactics, budget and organization. You will be at the center of our growth and continued financial vitality.

Please contact Ned Holstein, Founder and Chair, to express your interest. Click HERE for more information on the position.

Since National Parents Organization operates virtually, the Treasurer may be located anywhere in the United States. We ask for a commitment to serve a minimum of one year.

This is an exciting time to follow in the footsteps of outgoing Treasurer Dan Wyand. Under his leadership, National Parents Organization has had a successful partial review and has budgeted for an outside audit for 2015. The Treasurer reports directly to the Chair of the Board of the Directors and participates in most meetings of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is an officer of the corporation and the chief financial officer.

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Washington Post on Child Support: ‘A 1970s Narrative about a 2010s Reality’
January 12, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization
It’s always nice to see the mainstream media catching up with what many of us have known and preached for years. And so it is with this article that originally appeared in the Washington Post (Dallas Morning News, 1/9/15).

Of course it’s also a bit galling. The MSM has a way of reporting information that’s in no way new as if it were. What’s also true is that, simply by making its way into the MSM, that information gains a far wider audience than it’s ever had. That means it’s both more influential on public attitudes and probably reflects changing mores. So it’s good to see articles like the linked-to one by Ruth Graham even if it’s tempting to wonder where she’s been all these years.

Read more…

A New Take on Shared Parenting: Dad Allowed to Be All He Can Be
January 11, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization
Here’s a sometimes sweet, sometimes profound, sometimes under-informed look at shared parenting up close (Washington Post, 1/9/15). It’s the personal story of Jim Sollisch, written by him. It’s heartfelt and readers can see his progression as a parent from married to divorced dad.

Sollisch’s unexpected bottom line: until he got divorced, he could never realize his true parenting abilities. Of course, he’s not advocating divorce; his was far too hard on him and his kids for him to ever do that. But unexpectedly, he discovered an upside to his divorce. Good for him. And thanks to him for letting us know. It’s an aspect of shared parenting I’d never fully appreciated before. Thanks to Sollisch, now I do. Read more…

Yet More Progress on Parental Alienation
January 9, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization
With every passing day, the concept and the understanding of parental alienation grow. It seems hard to imagine that, just two years ago we were reading the most scurrilous disinformation about parental alienation in reasonably respectable mainstream journals like Psychology Today. Back then, those opposed to equal parenting had to deal with the issue of parental alienation. They had to because the alienating parents often were given sole or primary custody by family courts. After all, the point of parental alienation is to remove the targeted parent from the child’s life altogether or marginalize him/her to the maximum extent possible. Read more…


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