In Family Court, Mothers Get Away with Anything

Los Angeles, CA–Another example of how mothers get away with whatever they want in family court. A letter I recently received from Gary, a reader:

“Dear Glenn:

“I have 3 kids, ages 9, 7 and 6. My ex-wife says the oldest isn’t mine.  I live in Ohio with my girlfriend and 10 month old son. I was married in California and was divorced there back in 2001. I’m currently paying child support for three kids with my ex-wife.

“It was a nasty divorce. I received ‘reasonable’ visitation rights with the kids. Though I tried, my ex refused to ever let me talk to the kids or anything. Eventually she stopped returning my calls period.

“Finally six years later she returned a call, in 2007. I was happy and looking forward to finding out about my kids, talking to them, seeing pictures, etc. It went well for a few weeks, but she still didn’t let me talk to them.

“I was taking it slow and didn’t want to push her, so I was patient. Then suddenly she went psycho. She said if I stay with my girlfriend & our son, I will never talk to my kids again. She then said my oldest daughter isn’t mine and changed her phone number.

“I never heard from her again until this week when we got papers from court. She wants double child support payments now and I don’t have enough money for an attorney. What do I do?”

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