I’m in the military…my wages are garnisheed at 65% and my ex will not let me see the kids regardless of court orders

California–From Carl, a reader:

I’m in the military. Divorce took place the month I departed California. I was there for training and was not a resident. CA. took complete jurisdiction. Kids and ex were in Florida at the time. Ex took kids to Mississippi same time divorce was filed. Divorce took place Oct 06, and is still open.

Since then my wages are garnisheed at 65% and I’m still in arrears by $400 monthly. My ex will not let me see the kids regardless of California court orders. California will not enforce the order, Mississippi will not enforce the order. It seems no agency will help me to see my children.

Also at this time I’m in jeopardy of losing my job of six years because of the arrearages. I’m on salary–I can’t make the amount California wants.

Everyone says I have to get a lawyer, but I have no money. I make enough for food, shelter, and gas to get to work, usually with less than $100 in my bank at any given time. Any help suggestions appreciated.

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