‘If you can train a fish, you can train a husband’

New York, NY–Les, a New York reader, writes: “This morning, February 12th, NBC’s Today Show included an interview that left me speechless. The teaser heading they used was ‘Training your mate.’ “NBC anchor Natalie Morales interviewed Amy Sutherland, author of a new book titled What Shamu Taught Me About Love and Marriage. Ms. Sutherland is an animal trainer who has used her expertise in training animals to ‘train’ her husband (who was not present for the interview) and suggests that all women can learn these ‘methods.’ She declared: ‘If you can train a fish, you can train a husband.’
“Ms Sutherland went on to discuss how the ‘positive reinforcement’ techniques used for training dolphins could be used on men. Of course, the interviewer noted the obligatory ‘what a good sport your husband is for going along with this idea.’ Apart from that, there was no adversarial position. I could not believe what I was hearing.”

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