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His Side with Glenn Sacks Radio Commentary: Fathers, Children & CPS

July 14, 2008

Los Angeles, CA–Fathers are frequently marginalized and deprived of custody of their children when their wives/ex-wives/ex-girlfriends abuse their children.  My recent His Side with Glenn Sacks radio commentary for KLAA AM 830 in Los Angeles discusses an important court ruling in a terrible Nebraska case. In the case, a mother abused her daughter and child protective services took the girl.  There were no accusations of abuse against the father.  Nevertheless, they deceived and manipulated the father into relinquishing custody of his daughter.  To listen to the commentary, click here or on the audio button below. To learn more, see my blog post An Important Win for Fathers, Children in Nebraska Supreme Court. His Side with Glenn Sacks radio commentaries are broadcast daily on KLAA AM 830, a 50,000 watt talk station in Los Angeles and Orange County. KLAA AM 830 is owned by Arte Moreno, owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. From 2003-2005, His Side with Glenn Sacks ran in a syndicated talk show format in Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Seattle, and other cities. To listen to show archives, click here. [audio:]

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