Hero Father Dies Saving Little Son

From Dad Dies While Saving Son From Speeder (AOL News, 7/13/09):

A 36-year-old father is being hailed as a hero for saving his young son from the path of a speeding hit-and-run driver in New York’s Bronx borough Sunday, the New York Daily News reported.

Miguel Colon’s 6-year-old son was on his bicycle when the pair was crossing a busy intersection at around 6 p.m. According to police, Mark St. Pierre, 36, was speeding at more than 60 miles an hour as he drove through the thoroughfare. Colon quickly pushed his son Sebastian out of harm’s way, only to be hit and killed himself, relatives said.

“The boy kept crying, ‘Daddy! Daddy, what happened?'” a witness told the Daily News.

Colon, a father of two who lived in the Bronx, was still clutching his son’s bike when he was hit.

Miguel Colon, hero father.

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