He Earns $1,600 a Month, the Child Support Order Is for $2,000 a Month-and the Media Doesn’t Notice

Brooklyn, New York–OK, bakery worker Robert Sean Myers was foolish to have six kids with at least two and possibly more women. That being said, it’s outrageous that a court obligated him to pay $2,000 a month in child support for one of the kids on an income of only $1,600 a month. Now he’s being vilified as a “deadbeat.” Gee, any idea why he’s behind on his payments?

And the media–which always seems to switch its brain off at the mere mention of the phrase “deadbeat dad”–doesn’t even seem to notice.

The story is below–thanks to Cynthia, a reader, for sending it.

Queens mom sues bakeries for failing to garnish wages for child support
Daily News, April 21st 2008

A Queens mom is so determined to get child support from her ex-husband that she filed a rare lawsuit against two of the world’s best-known bakeries for more than $8 million – alleging they failed to garnish his pay.

Chandra Myers will be in Brooklyn Federal Court today to face off against Sara Lee Bakeries and Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc., which distributes Thomas’ English Muffins, Entenmann’s and other treats.

Myers contends the bakery giants defied orders to garnish a total of $36,000 from Robert Sean Myers’ wages from 2001 to 2004.

“It is unfortunate in today’s society that we not only have deadbeat dads, but we have deadbeat companies,” declared Myers, who has latched onto a rarely used statute to demand a half-million dollars in penalties and interest along with the millions in damages from the firms.

Bimbo’s lawyers and Chandra Myers’ ex charge the suit is without merit. Sara Lee had no comment.

Robert Sean Myers, a Los Angeles bakery deliverer, said he has records showing that he’s attempted to meet child support demands for his 6-year-old daughter.
He insists he won’t settle the suit with his ex-wife because $611 of his $1,600 monthly income now goes to their daughter. He also has five other kids to support, he said.

But Chandra Myers has a standing order requiring him to pay $2,000 per month in support based on her expenses. Now $61,000 behind, Robert Sean Myers says he’s tried to negotiate a payment plan, but she’s intent on getting him extradited here. Under state law, if his owed child support exceeds $50,000, he loses his right to appear in court to defend himself against her charges.

The Myerses’ brief marriage ended in April 2001, when Chandra Myers was barely a month pregnant.

“I have no problem supporting my kids,” Robert Sean Myers said. “Just let me work and pay it off. She doesn’t want child support from me. She wants me to go to jail. Who benefits? Our daughter? My other five children?”…

Yesterday, Chandra Myers sent out a blast e-mail urging supporters to come to court as she “makes history” against “deadbeat” Sara Lee and Bimbo.

Robert Sean Myers said he has seen his daughter once.

“This is a woman scorned trying to find vindication,” he argued. “I welcome anybody to do an investigation. All I am trying to do is get a fair trial.”

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