Glenn Interviewed on VAWA, Problems with the Domestic Violence System

“Another problem with VAWA is the way that it helps fund domestic violence advocacy groups” political agenda. Whenever we try to push forward legislation to help resolve some of the gross inequities of the family system and to protect the loving bonds children share with their fathers, these groups are out in force in the legislatures to stop us.

“That”s what happened with the California Shared Parenting Bill AB 1307 in California in 2005. The Assembly Judiciary Committee was largely sympathetic to our position–until the domestic violence groups showed up. Funded by your tax dollars, they plied the committee members with horror stories, deceptions, and half-truths, and the bill was soundly defeated.”

Pajamas Media advice columnist Dr. Helen Smith interviewed me recently on the subject of the Violence Against Women Act, the way our legal system handles domestic violence, and related issues. The interview was released today. It is excerpted above and can be seen at Fighting for Men’s Rights (Pajamas Media, 10/8/07).

Readers can comment on their experiences with domestic violence laws by clicking here.

Dr. Helen Smith also co-hosts The Glenn and Helen Show with blogger king Glenn Reynolds of Smith is a psychologist specializing in forensic issues who often has interesting things to say about gender issues and divorce. She can be reached at

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