Fathers & Families News Digest, 3-17-08

Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families’ latest News Digest.

20 Oregon parents arrested for child support lapses (Associated Press, 3-9-08)

No jail for man who owes $462K in support (United Press International, 3-11-08)

Wife stabs husband in Phoenix during talk about divorce (ABC, 3-11-08)

Teen tries to help others cope with divorce (The News & Observer, 3-11-08)

Law requires cooling off period after domestic violence arrests (Associated Press, 3-13-08)

Court dismisses all charges of contempt for unpaid child support against Richard Lorden, a long beach businessman (California Newswire, 3-14-08)

Getting back in the dating scene after divorce (CBS, 3-15-08)

Lend a Hand: One Place program helps fathers support their children (Tuscaloosa News, 3-16-08)

Mills awarded $48.6 million in divorce (LA Times, 3-17-08)

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