Fathers & Families News Digest, 1-7-08

Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families’ latest News Digest.

Egypt weighs legality of divorce by text message (USA Today, 1-3-08)

Center contributing to falling divorce rate (Springfield News-Sun, 1-4-07)

Bring families together and keep them together (, 1-4-08)

Lawyer: Delinquent child support online (Associated Press, 1-4-08)

Keeping joint custody cordial (, 1-4-08)

“I’ve lost three children. Losing another would destroy me,” says Terry Cannings (The Daily Mail, 1-5-08)

Non-custodial parent faces kidnapping charges after alleged absconding with child on Christmas (Texarkana Gazette, 1-6-08)

New year is busy time for divorce lawyers (Telegraph, 1-7-08)

Survey finds men have lost their role in society (Telegraph, 1-7-08)

Sites help smooth bumps on road to Splitsville (Palm Beach Post, 1-7-08)

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