Fathers & Families New Digest, 12-4-07

Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families’ latest News Digest.

Planet feels heat of divorce (The Sunday Times, 12-2-07)

New child support debit card system hits glitches (Wisconsin-Madison News, 11-27-07)

Wrongly convicted man upset over child support case (, 11-28-07)

Carver County gives aid, not jail, to deadbeats (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 11-28-07)

Mothers scrimp as states take child support (New York Times, 12-1-07)

Court says sperm donor liable for child support (, 12-1-07)

Missed child support ends up costing him plenty (Associated Press, 11-30-07)

Disabled father feels ignored by the system (WLBT3, 11-27-07)

Deputy assaulted during domestic violence in Anderson County (Anderson Independent-Mail, 11-29-07)

Divorce often doesn’t bring the expected results (Houston Home Journal, 11-28-07)

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