Fathers & Families Is 5 for 5 so far in Current California Legislative Session

Fathers & Families has co-sponsored and/or been instrumental in introducing and working for the passage of five family court reform bills in the current California legislative session. Our bills address child custody reform, child support reform, protection from family court financial abuses, and others. Below is our progress:

1) SB 1188–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee by unanimous consent

2) SB 1355–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously

3) AB 2416–Passed Assembly by unanimous consent, passed Assembly Judiciary Committee by unanimous consent

4) SB 578–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee

5) SB 580–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee

These victories did not happen by accident. They are the result of months and years of planning and lobbying by Fathers & Families” legislative representative Michael Robinson and assistant legislative representative Nicole Silverman.

As we’ve repeatedly seen, California family law has an enormous impact on the laws of other states–California victories are national victories. F & F is creating real, tangible family court reform today, but our deep, professional involvement in Sacramento requires money–contribute to the organization which fights for you by clicking here.

Together with you in the love of our children,

Glenn Sacks, MA
Executive Director, Fathers & Families

Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S.
Founder, Chairman of the Board, Fathers & Families

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