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Fathers & Families’ Holstein Criticizes Obama’s Father’s Day Speech on Sporting News Radio

June 20, 2009

Fathers & Families” founder Dr. Ned Holstein appeared on the Samantha Clemens Show on Sporting News Radio AM 1510 The Zone in Boston on June 20. Holstein asserted that equal treatment for fathers in family court is the most important solution to the problem of fatherlessness. It doesn’t cure the problem if the dad is truly irresponsible, but it’s the best place to start. Holstein also criticized Obama’s new Father’s Day speech, saying “Dads don”t want to be chastised on Fathers Day–save it for another day.” Holstein explained that “Responsible Fatherhood” programs Obama supports won’t be truly effective until fathers are treated fairly and equally in family court–a formerly irresponsible dad can be spiritually transformed but still locked out of this children’s lives. One of the callers was a likeable dad who was refused shared physical custody, then suffered a move-away and Parental Alienation–a dad with a lot of pain, kids with pain who cannot be heard, and a court system that is empowering a mother to carry out her worst, vindictive impulses. The solution for the kids? Fairness and equality for fathers.

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