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Fathers and Families’ Holstein Discusses McNair Murder on Radio (Audio Available)

July 10, 2009

Fathers and Families‘ Ned Holstein, MD discussed the murder of former NFL star Steve McNair at the hands of his 20-year-old girlfriend on the Afternoon News on KFBK AM 1530 in Sacramento (7/9/09). To listen to the audio of his appearance, click here.

Holstein, MD, a public health specialist, also discussed the case on the Kevin Wall Show on KTSA AM 550 in San Antonio, Texas (7/9/09).

Holstein pointed out that while there are over 10,000 media entries on Google News for “Steve McNair,” hardly one of them is paired with the phrase “domestic violence.”


Wall was sympathetic and asked Holstein why men hesitate to report domestic violence. Holstein explained that they are afraid of the impact a split could have on their kids, are afraid the police will arrest them, and are also ashamed and embarrassed.

wlwHolstein also discussed the McNair murder on the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 KISW in Seattle, the ‘X” Zone on the Talk Star Radio Network, the Eddie Fingers & Tracy Jones Show on 700 WLW in Cincinnati, and the Scott Sloan Show on 700 WLW in Cincinnati (7/13/09).

Holstein says:

As a result of the tendency to ignore domestic violence by women, many children are placed in the custody of violent mothers instead of non-violent, fit fathers. Yet research shows that women’s violence, like men”s, is tightly correlated with family violence injury risks to all parties– including children. Ignoring female-on-male violence undermines efforts to raise children in violence-free homes.

bjsheaHolstein, MD adds:

Many commentators are criticizing McNair because his murder revealed that he was apparently having an extramarital affair. This is another double-standard on men & DV–it”s very hard to imagine the media criticizing a married woman who was gunned down by her boyfriend.

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