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F & F’s Sacks Discusses NV AB 313 on KDWN in Las Vegas

May 5, 2011

Fathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks discussed NV AB 313 and SB 284, bills to address many of the family law/child custody problems faced by Nevada’s active duty and reserve service members, on The Heidi Harris Show on KDWN in Las Vegas on May 5. Harris became interested in bills after seeing Sacks’ column Protecting parents who serve (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/1/11). heidi-harris-kdwnHarris (pictured) criticized family courts for being “biased against men.” Harris. a child of divorce, condemned Parental Alienation and visitation interference, and said that during her childhood, “I was lucky–my parents weren’t jerks about it.” We also discussed the Miller/Jenkins lesbian child custody battle–to learn more, see F & F’s column column With Gay Marriage Comes Gay Divorce: The Rise of Lesbian Custody Battles (10/15/09).

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