F & F’s Franklin Discusses the Outrageous Spitz Case on Several North Carolina Radio Stations (Audio Available)

waav1Fathers and Families Board Member Robert Franklin, Esq. discussed the outrageous Peter Spitz case on The Curtis Wright Show on several North Carolina radio stations on April 20.

To listen to the show, click here.

The outrageous Peter Spitz case is, in a nutshell, as follows:

  1. Mother shoots and kills mother-in-law and shoots sleeping husband, permanently disabling him.
  2. Mother is acquitted by reason of insanity
  3. Mother is being released from custody and can now spend time with their son but father, who has never been found culpable of any wrongdoing, cannot.

Franklin has written several pieces about the case and has been working to help Spitz. To learn more, click here.

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