F & F Contributes Piece to the Good Men Project Magazine

The Good Men Project Magazine”s Senior Editor, Henry P. Belanger, recently reached out to Fathers and Families and asked for a submission that “puts aside contentious questions and gets down to some undeniable, concrete ways that men need help/advocacy.’ Fathers and Families Board member Robert Franklin, Esq. and I submitted a piece in which we discussed two issues–fathers and adoption, and fathers and the child welfare system. We concluded:

There are myriad ways in which the family law system separates decent loving fathers from their children, and the above are merely two examples. Regardless of our varied beliefs, fathers being allowed to step up and raise and nurture their children should we something that all of us support.

The full piece can be seen at Why Fathers Need Help (Good Men Project Magazine, 3/14/11). To comment on the piece, click here.

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