Don Mattingly’s Wife Probably Could’ve Had Whatever She Wanted if She Didn’t Get Drunk and Scream at the Police

Evansville, IN–It’s hard to get police to arrest a female offender on a domestic disturbance call, but if she’s drunk, screams at the police officers, and the victim is a famous baseball player, you’ve got a decent chance.

Former New York Yankee first baseman Don Mattingly is lucky his estranged wife blew it with her over-the-top behavior, just as actress Tawny Kitaen did in 2002 when she attacked her baseball spouse, former California Angels pitcher Chuck Finley.

(Tawny had substance abuse problems and was prone to violence and, according to her nanny, had endangered her kids. Her punishment was a horrific injustice–they (gasp) treated her like they treat a fit, loving father, as she lost custody to Finley and got every other weekend visitation. Of course, it was really all Finley’s fault–Tawny reminded me of this herself a few years ago after I criticized her on my radio show).

Mattingly is lucky–he could’ve ended up like former baseball pitcher Scott Erickson, who in 2002 was arrested for his girlfriend attacking him–no, that’s not a misprint–who was arrested for his girlfriend attacking him, and was humiliated in the national media over it.

Mattingly’s estranged wife arrested after refusing to leave his home
Associated Press
February 5, 2008

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — The estranged wife of Los Angeles Dodgers coach Don Mattingly was arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after police say she refused to leave his property in Indiana.

Police arrested 45-year-old Kim Mattingly after they were called to the home of the former Yankee first baseman to investigate reports of a person refusing to leave on Saturday, a probable cause affidavit said. The affidavit, signed by a Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Howard, said she smelled of alcohol and screamed at officers.

The couple filed for divorce in November on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. The divorce has not been finalized, and no further action has been taken.

Kim Mattingly was released from the Vanderburgh County Jail after posting $50 bond shortly after her arrest and made her first court appearance Monday on the charges. She is scheduled to appear next on March 3.

Her lawyer, Angela Freel, did not return a telephone call seeking comment.

Kim Mattingly told investigators that Don Mattingly had taken her phone and she wanted it back, the affidavit said. Police spoke to Mattingly, who said he did not have the phone.

Police had told her not to go to the house earlier in the day, Howard said in the affidavit.

On Monday, Don Mattingly filed for a protective order against his wife, which the court granted. In the petition, Mattingly cited three examples of his wife appearing at his home, including an incident on Jan. 22 during which she tried to kick down his door.

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