Does This Celebrity Divorce Indicate an Important Cultural Shift?

Does the Kaczmarek-Whitford divorce indicate an important cultural shift?

I’ve always believed that the best custody battle is the one you don’t have. Changing our culture to support 50-50 post-divorce parenting and condemn women (and men) who claim sole custody of kids is one of the best ways to create a society where parenting is shared after divorce or separation. It’s one of the reasons I’ve written so many newspaper columns and done so much radio/TV on this issue.

A recent article supports the idea that the culture war shared parenting advocates have waged in favor of shared parenting is having some effect. From the San Francisco Chronicle (7/15/09):

Former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Jane Kaczmarek has blasted rumors she’s fighting for full custody of her kids with her estranged husband, former “West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford.

After the couple ended its 16-year marriage earlier this year, it was reported the 53-year-old actress wanted their three children to live with her full time.

The gossip prompted Kaczmarek to speak out and insist the break-up was amicable and custody will be split 50-50.

Her lawyer tells Us Weekly magazine, “We’re gearing towards a 50-50 time share with the children. I don’t anticipate any fighting.”

Get it? Kaczmarek (pictured) evidently believes that people will think poorly of her if she claims sole custody and refuses to parent 50-50. And if that’s the case, it’s good news.

Also, Kaczmarek and Whitford deserve credit for apparently creating a positive post-divorce situation for their kids.

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