Divorcing Husband Gives Wife Who Vilified Him in YouTube Video $750,000, Wife Says He’s…

Los Angeles, CA–“Basically throwing me out on the street.” Yup. Getting $750,000, as agreed in their prenup, is being “thrown out into the street.”

You remember Tricia Walsh-Smith–according to the AP, she vilified husband Philip Smith in a “furious YouTube video, which has attracted more than 3 million hits. She makes embarrassing claims about their intimate life and then calls his office to repeat those claims to a stunned assistant.

“On the video, Walsh-Smith also goes through their wedding album, describing family members as ‘bad,’ ‘evil’ or ‘nasty,’ and expresses concern about eviction from the couple’s luxury apartment.”

Her routine was so over-the-top that the judge actually sided with the husband, criticizing Walsh-Smith for “a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband” in order to extort more money out of him than was in the prenup.

They were married in 1999 and, luckily for Smith, they had no children. If they had, I’m sure by now Smith would be a “child molester,” a “wife-beater,” and a bunch of other things.

Read the full Associated Press story here. The two are pictured.

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