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Americans for Divorce Reform
Americans for Divorce Reform is an organization with the objectives to tell the public, lawmakers and the media what’s wrong with divorce, to help people get involved in state-level efforts to pass divorce reform laws, and to give people the information, statistics, analysis and drafting help that they need in order to advocate divorce reform in their states

Dads Divorce
This site provides for each state information such as a a legal overview, residency, grounds (cruel and abusive treatment, non support, utter desertion for at least one year, adultery, impotency, gross and confirmed habits of intoxication, by liquor or drugs), property, alimony, child custody, child support, settlement agreement, premarital agreements, and legal separation.

Dad’s Divorce
The site provides information on divorce, an on-line chat room, legal statues, judge ratings, on-line referrals (based on state or zip-code) and more.

Divorce Abilities
This site offers a complete directory on divorce.

Divorce as Friends
Divorce as Friends is a website created by relationship and divorce expert Bill Ferguson. This site includes everything from helpful articles on divorce to E-Books to help you get through this difficult time.

Divorce Care
A DivorceCare group is a special place of encouragement, information and sharing for individuals experiencing seperation or divorce. DivorceCare groups meet weekly, providing an ongoing “support team” to deal with the issues surrounding separation or divorce. There are two parts to each weekly DivorceCare session. During the first 30-40 minutes of the meeting, the group watches a videotape featuring top experts on divorce and recovery topics. Following the video, the participants spend time as a “support group,” discussing what was presented on that week’s videotape. and what is going on in the lives of the group participants. DivorceCare is offered in communities across the USA and Canada. Check the website for the location of the DivorceCare group nearest you.

Divorce Interactive: The Comprehensive Divorce Resource
This website offers one a number of resources and up to date information on divorce.

Divorce Magazine
The Divorce Magazine website provides insight for members of generation “ex” through articles about divorce and separation, expert advice and even humor for those having experienced divorce and separation.

Divorce Mediation Group
Run by experienced family law attorneys Bruce D. Clarkin and Kathleen A. Townsend, the Divorce Mediation Group offers individuals the civil alternative to divorce.

Divorce Online
Divorce Online is an electronic resource for people involved in, or facing the prospect of, divorce. Divorce Online provides free articles and information on the financial, legal, psychological, real-estate, and other aspects of divorce. Additionally, you can turn to the Professional Referral section of Divorce Online to locate professional assistance near you.

Divorce Recovery 101
Divorce Recovery 101 is a divorce recovery online support and help site with free divorce information, advice and tips, recovery lessons and courses to get you from the “worst time” of your life to the best time of your life in 6 months or less.

Divorce Step
DivorceStep provides affordable, specialized services: consultation and training to mental health professionals, teachers and clergy geared at increasing education and sensitivity to the needs of divorcing adults and their children, providing the court approved parent education program, and conducting support groups for children, teens and adults affected by divorce or living in stepfamilies. A choice in payment methods is available depending on the needs of the organization and the services provided.

Divorce Support is devoted to connecting you to valuable and comprehensive divorce-related information on the internet: materials on divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, modifications, separation, alimony, spousal support, divorce laws, statutes and much more.

Equality In Marriage Institute
Equality in Marriage Institute provides information and support for those people entering a marriage, long-time married or divorcing. Founded in 1998, the non-profit organization believes marriage is a 50-50 partnership and provides marriage advice, divorce advice and much more..

Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Seminars
Fresh Start Seminars is a Christian ministry whose purpose is to touch the lives of the separated and divorced. through seminars, support groups, books and tapes. Fresh Start seminars are held in local churches throughout North America. Typically the seminar is held over a Friday night and Saturday from 9am to about 5pm. Fresh Start then provides the church with materials to conduct a 13-week follow-up support group. Churches usually charge anywhere from $30-60 for the seminar, but the support groups are offered at no charge.

The Internet’s Best Kid’s Divorce Site… By a Kid
This is a site for children, run by a youth. Bill is age 14 and a son of a divorced couple. His parents split in 2000 and he is doing something about it. Bill talks about presumption of joint physical custody and how he doesn’t understand why any parent would think a kid doesn’t want to spend equal amounts of time with Mom and Dad. He has a dictionary about legal terms related to divorce a kid should know. He is even trying to organize a walkathon, to bring attention to the fact that kids just want their parents to grow up and act like adults, and let them spend time with both parents. Bill writes like a 14-year old kid — which just makes his site all the more endearing. This site comes highly recommended by Jeff Parks of Fathers & Families.

Key Links and Resources For Fathers in Divorce and Custody Battles
This site is a must see for fathers divorcing or seeking custody of their child.

Leving’s Divorce Magazine, Inc.
Leving’s Divorce Magazine is a new magazine with content specifically designed for divorced men. The magazine is published by Jeffery M. Leving, one of the nation’s top matrimonial lawyers and author of the ground-breaking book, Fathers’ Rights. The content is available exclusively online at, where visitors, for a limited time, can sign up for a free subscription to Leving’s Divorce Magazine. Leving’s Divorce Magazine was designed around the interests and needs of divorced men and will include articles on parenting, financial and legal issues as well as travel, health and leisure

National Coalition of Free Men’s Beginner’s Guide To Divorce
This resource is unique and special. It contains additional resources one won’t find on the usual resource list. While at this website check out the other resources offerred by National Coalition of Free Men.
The purpose of this web site is to serve as a portal to information and resources necessary to help moms and dads be the best parent ever in everyday life. It especially focuses on providing help when dealing with the emotional, legal, and daily issues usually experienced and associated with separation and divorce.

Responsible Divorce
The Responsible Divorce Website offers advice which is geared towards making the effects of divorce gentler on children and families. This site also offers a variety or statistics and information on divorce, child custody, states custody laws, and the effect of divorce on children.

Talk About It – Divorce
This website gives a new resource – conversation cards- appropriate for children and youth going through a divorce. They are a great resource for parents helping children work through issues created when parents divorce.

Tree House Solutions
This site offers an educational resource of services for families experiencing divorce and its aftermath. Tree House Solutions offers the following programs and resources for registered members: parent educational teleconference forum coaching sessions, parents live audio telephone discussion, and a monthly e-zine: A View From The Tree House

The Ultimate Guide to Stopping a Dirty Divorce
The Ultimate Guide to Stopping a Dirty Divorce is a series of cassettes and videos which teach you what judges really want to hear from you in court, and how to keep your words from being twisted by attorneys. It shows you how to keep your kids from being put in the middle of a messy divorce, and how to get your ex-spouse angry at others, not you.


Dunne, John E., Hudgins, Wren, E. and Babcock, Julia. Can Changing the Divorce law Affect Post- Divorce Adjustment. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, Volume 33, Number 3/4, 2000, p 35 -54.

This article examines a pilot study which compares the effects of two divorce laws on the functioning of parents and children immediately after the separation and two years later.

When Parents Are Angry, Kids Feel Blame
Boston Globe, Barbara F. Meltz. June 24, 2004.

When A Divorced Parent Starts Dating
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A Genetically Informed Study of the Intergenerational Transmission of Marital Instability
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Divorce and Fatherhood Statistics
This website from Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center (S.P.A.R.C.) gives incredible statistics on divorce. They are well worth reading.

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