David Harris Lied, so He Deserved to Die?

“What has he done to wear so many scars? Has he changed the course of rivers? Has he polluted the moon and stars?”–Bob Dylan

Convicted Texas ‘Murder by Mercedes’ Killer Clara Harris, her attorneys and her supporters have been largely successful in concealing the true nature of Clara’s crime. Whereas Clara has successfully portrayed herself as the innocent victim of a philandering husband, in reality David Harris was killed while trying to exit a bad and possibly abusive marriage. Clara’s defenders also ignore the fact that considerable evidence was presented that Clara–who played the crying, betrayed wife–was also having an affair at the end of their marriage.

In my co-authored column Suppose roles had been reversed in Harris case–Murdered dad deserves sympathy being shown Clara (Houston Chronicle, 1/27/07) I wrote:

“While many see the Clara Harris case as one of love and betrayal, it is in fact a garden-variety domestic homicide. Clara Harris is no better than high-profile wife-killer Scott Peterson. Perhaps Clara is even worse — at least Peterson spared us the crocodile tears.”

To learn more, also see my column In Defense of David Harris (, 3/4/03), or click here.

I sometimes get hate mail from Clara’s defenders and/or the operators of the website Recently a woman identified as “April” wrote:

“[David Harris] said [the affair] was over and wanted to meet with Clara to reconcile. Then he did this adulterous deed at their HONEYMOON hotel?!

“Bullshit Glenn….go drink ANOTHER mug of that Kool-Aid. He made a vow. They had children. He lied multiple times……………….

“He had it coming. It was too quick for my liking.

“FREE CLARA HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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