Dad Gets 4 Years Strict Probation for Child Support, Says State Took Away His Ability to Make a Living

Dan F. Craft, a 55-year-old truck driver, has been sentenced to four years of CCS/ISP (Community controlled sanctions/ intensive supervised probation)–the strictest kind of probation–for being behind on his child support. He says it happened because he fell behind when he was out of work, and then the Child Support Enforcement Agency revoked his driver’s license, preventing him from obtaining work.

I don’t know if Craft’s account is factually correct, but I do know this happens in many cases, and is one of the many ways the child support system manufactures “deadbeat dads.”

Reporter Teresa Moore of The Ironton Tribune in Ohio wrote:

“Dan F. Craft, 55, of Huntington, W.Va., pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of criminal non-support. Bowling sentenced Craft to four years CCS/ISP and ordered him to pay $270 a month to clear his $13,000 arrearage in addition to his regular child support payments.

“Craft said the only reason he got so far behind is that he got out of work and got behind on his child support payments, which prompted the Child Support Enforcement Agency to revoke his driver”s license. Craft said he is a truck driver and could not work without his license.”

The full story can be seen here.

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