‘Courageous’—a Movie about the Importance and Wisdom of Fathers

Actor Ben Davies (right), one of the fathers in 'Courageous'
Longtime Fathers and Families member Steve S. Sommer, MD, PhD, says the new movie Courageous underscores the importance and wisdom of fathers. Steve writes:

Courageous is a movie about five men, four who have integrity and display courage.  These men range from reasonable to non-involved fathers. The dynamics of their interaction help them focus on their roles as fathers.


The movie is about the power, importance, and wisdom of dads.  It is also women who believe in their men.  In the film, joy and deep sadness are integrated within good drama.  It is an inspiration for dads and for moms.

The dads include three mid-level cops, one junior cop, and a construction laborer, some white, some black, some Latino. One dad was abandoned by his dad. When asked “Do you really think it messed up your childhood not having a dad?”, he  sadly shakes his head and replies, “More than you know.”

The dads’ work and friendship improves their fathering.  When a challenge hit, each man struggles with hopes, faith, and deep fears.

Directed by actor Alex Kendrick, the movie is unique, the acting is good, and the dynamics are sophisticated and believable.

Dads should see this with their wives and their kids.  Probably most kids 10-years old and above will benefit.  (The film is rated PG-13 for mild violence and drug content.) See this inspiration to be courageous.

To watch the trailer for Courageous, click here.

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